Clint Eastwood at the RNC: "Go ahead, make my day."

Clint Eastwood at the RNC: "Go ahead, make my day."

Clint Eastwood yells at a chair during RNC.

I’ve missed way too much of the Republican National Convention. Unfortunately, I didn’t miss Clint Eastwood, who was “yelling at a chair.” The chair was a metaphorical chair that was supposed to be President Barack Obama, who has definitely seen the footage somewhere else. 

During his time on stage, Clint Eastwood got into character and sat next to a chair. Clint Eastwood’s complaints were about President Barack Obama’s supposed broken promises.

While Clint Eastwood was yelling at the chair, I was yelling at the TV and trying to figure out what he was doing. Was he this addled that he truthfully thought that Mitt Romney would be the better choice for President? Had he been coerced and swayed by Ann Romney’s charm? 


I couldn’t figure out what Clint Eastwood’s motivations were, so I texted a friend and we agreed that Clint Eastwood had lost his mind.


Clint started yelling at the Obama chair about the war in Iraq, which was kind of strange since the war was started by Republicans and ended by President Barack Obama. He then started yelling about Afghanistan and the surge. Fair enough, but according to my recollections and THIS ARTICLE, John McCain also wanted the surge. 


So, what is happening with Clint Eastwood? To be fair, Clint Eastwood did call the Obama chair Mr. President. And Clint Eastwood did not harm the chair in any way. President Obama actually reclaimed the chair on Twitter himself with a Tweet and a picture of himself in a chair correctly labeled “Mr. President.”


Clint Eastwood then told the entire Republican National Convention and the United States viewing audience to, “Go ahead and make his day.” 




The Republican crowd, of course, totally loved it. But all I could think was that Clint Eastwood had suddenly become as lame as Arnold Schwarzanegger. For the purposes of Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan, he started chanting his signature line. 


Granted, it might just push the Republican party to the middle, but at what cost? If a Republican Administration is elected because of endorsements from actors like Clint Eastwood and other celebrities with handy one-liners to say, it will be at a truthful cost to the United States and its judiciary. 


I’m sorry, Mr. Eastwood, but you did not make my day with your little play.