Fight for Third Place Heats up in Nevada

Fight for Third Place Heats up in Nevada

As the campaign trail moves on, the focus shifts to the second and third place slots.

Romney may be a shoe-in for the win in Nevada, but many eyes are turning to the second and third place candidates. At some point, should Romney win the nomination, one of these men could be the vice president.


In early polling of Republicans who are likely to vote in the Republican caucuses, Romney earned 50 percent of the vote, with Gingrich bringing in 25 percent. What was interesting in these early numbers was the third place slot, which Santorum tends to get. In Nevada, Ron Paul received 15 percent of the vote, with Santorum only bringing in 8.

Of course, this is just one of many polls. Another poll put Santorum up by two percentage points over Ron Paul. A reporter with the Las Vegas Review-Journal was quick to note that Paul tends to do better during the actual voting than he does in the polls, so chances are he could possibly pull the third slot. He has a very well organized group of supporters in Nevada.


Should Ron Paul build on his 14 percent earned in the 2008 run, he will definitely score the third spot. Experts do not feel he can beat Gingrich, even with a strong following in the state. The key to success for the Paul campaign will be to rally young voters to go to the polls, where they will likely vote for the Texas congressman. Should the younger set come out in stronger numbers than the analysts believe, then Paul may have a chance at the second place spot. it appears that Romney has sealed the leading spot regardless of what happens in the vote.