Next Stop - The Moon!

Next Stop - The Moon!

Republican candidate Newt Gingrich surprised votors by saying he wishes to take colonization to the moon.

Republican voters who are demanding something new from their candidates got more than they bargained for this week when the campaign trail for the nomination went to Florida. There, standing before his supporters, Newt Gingrich indicated his plans should he be voted into office, and they include making the moon the 51st state.


Yes, you read that correctly. This Republican candidate believes that we should send Americans to the moon, colonize it, and bring it in as the 51st state.


What do the other candidates think of this idea? According to campaign insiders, Romney is simply mocking is opponent for these grand notions. Santorum is pointing out the fact that the country has no money, yet Newt is proposing one of the most expensive, if not impossible, endeavors in human history. According to Santorum, Newt’s position is making light of the severe problems we are facing in our budgetary crisis right now.


Even his supporters who were hearing the announcement were not quite sure what to do. Reports indicate the statement that Gingrich wants to begin colonizing space was met with a mixture of laughter and applause.


But to Gingrich, this is more than just rhetoric.

He actually has a plan to begin regular space trips, including trips to Mars, by the year 2020 should he be voted president.


So, Republican voters, know this: A vote for Newt is a vote to begin American colonization again. Forget foreign policy. Forget balancing the budget. We are talking about taking the American borders “to infinity, and beyond!”