The Obamacare Challenge

The Obamacare Challenge

You like Obamacare more than you think you do.


You know how everybody---everybody as in the conservative Republican nitwits-complains about Obamacare? I have a suggestion for them. Prove how much you hate it. Take this little challenge and let me know how it goes.


The Challenge.

Deny yourself all of the access you and your loved ones get to health care because of Obamacare. Why? Because it is ruining society as we know it, right? Prove that it is unnecessary and that our health care system was unbroken as it was before Obamacare came into effect. 


  1. Take your children who are aged 22-25 off of your insurance policy because they would not have any kind of health insurance coverage otherwise. Save yourself money and just take your kids off the policy. If they get really sick, just pray and hope that they get better. 
  2. If you or one of your family members has a pre-existing condition, change insurance policies. When you hear that you can have coverage for your pre-existing condition, let the insurance company know that you are volunteering not to be covered for anything that you might actually need health insurance coverage for. 
  3. If you want preventive screening for free, don’t take it. Just ignore that part of the policy and assume that you are well. Let your health get out of hand so that you will have to pay more later on.
  4. Tell your state that you do not want any money to be spent on preventive diseases. Let the state give the money back. Because spending money on disease prevention is not a good decision, right?
  5. If you are a senior, don’t use any of the drug prescription cuts. Just ignore them because everything in Obamacare is bad for you, right? 


Let me know how it goes. If you are really so upset about Obamacare, you won’t use any of the provisions in it, right? Understand that it is not just the rights of people without health care that is affected. Understand that the Affordable Care Act directly impacts all Americans in a positive way. Don’t make a mistake and try to take back the rights that we as Americans have gained. 


Or, if you want, take my little challenge and do the above.