Representative Akin: Dividing the Republican party?

Representative Akin: Dividing the Republican party?

Are Republicans against women?

Thanks to the idiocy of Republican Representative Todd Akin, the abortion debate has threatened to divide the Republican political party just before their political convention. The Republican position has long been split on the issue of abortion in the instances of rape and incest, but the division has significantly increased with the reality that some elected officials are now trying the define “rape” vs. “legitimate rape.” 

Republican Representative Todd Akin’s position, as you may have heard, is that “legitimate rape rarely causes pregnancy.”

The Republican party is already trying to get Representative Todd Akin to leave his race for Senate.  As it stands now, the Republican National party’s official stance on abortion is that there should not be any exceptions for abortion; Mitt Romney believes that there should be exceptions for abortion in the cases of rape, incest, or when the mother’s life is endangered. 


The national Democratic party has dubbed the official Republican Party platform as the “Akin Plank” because its stance on abortion offers no exceptions, even when a woman has been raped or her life is in danger. 


The Republican party had the same stance on abortion in the last two presidential election cycles, but with the recent remarks of Republican Representative Todd Akin, it is much easier for the Democrats to highlight the extremely conservative nature of the Republican party’s stance in regard to women. Some have described the nature of the debate as downright hostile to women. 


Can you imagine being raped, being told you are pregnant, and having the United States Senate tell you that you probably weren’t raped because rape is unlikely to cause pregnancy because the body is shutting down. Can you imagine the nightmare that a young woman would have to go through if she had to prove, as Mitt Romney would have her do, that she had been raped to have an abortion? Can you imagine the horror that women would have to face if the Republicans had their way and outlawed abortion altogether?


We need to protect women and we need to get politicians in office who understand the ramifications of their words and positions on both individuals and society. Electing more politicians like Republican Representative Todd Akin into office won’t help.