Republican Todd Akin's views on rape

Republican Todd Akin's views on rape

"Legitimate rape does not get you pregnant."

I am a big fan of sex education in schools because I believe that teaching the simple facts of life can avert many unplanned pregnancies. Thanks to this news, which I learned via Gawker, I am also a big fan of sex education for Republicans in the mid-west. 

Republican Todd Akin, who is incidentally the Republican nominee for the United States Senate for the great state of Missouri, is not concerned about women getting pregnant if they have been the victims of rape because women seldom get pregnant from “legitimate rape.”

Whatever that means.

First of all, what is the legal definition of “legitimate rape?” I was always taught that no means no and that rape was always rape. Is anyone reading this from the state of Missouri? Are the laws different there about what consitututes rape?

Secondly, how is it possible that women can’t get pregnant from rape, but can get pregnant from other kinds of intercourse that are more “legitimate?” Again, I’m not from Missouri, but I’m kind of wondering if the women there have different anatomy or if the rapists of Missouri have been sterilized because that is the only possible explanation that makes any sense at all to me.

It doesn’t take a doctor to understand how dangerous this line of thinking is for women if more men like this get in power. And Todd Akin wants to be a United States Senator.

The Washington Post has some interesting statistics which disprove Senator Todd Akin’s basic premise about that rarity of pregnancy in the case of rape.

From the Washington Post:

"According to a 1996 study, approximately 32,000 pregnancies result from rape annually, and about five percent of rape victims are impregnated."

Assuming that the study is still accurate, that results in 1,600 pregnancies resulting from rape in a single year. Of those 1,600 pregnancies, it’s likely that very few of the victims would want to carry their pregnancies to full term. The women and girls who got pregnant from rape would be forced to carry their pregnancies to full term if Todd Akin and the conservatives like him had their way.

Fortunately, the Democrats are betting against that ever happening. Akin’s views on women are so out of tune with the rest of the country’s views on women that his race has been targeted nationally by the Democrats and his opponent Claire McKaskill is receiving even more support nationally because of Todd Akin’s conservative and Draconian views on women’s reproductive rights.

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