Who Really Won the Iowa Caucus?

Who Really Won the Iowa Caucus?

Santorum upset making headlines around the country.

Weeks after Mitt Romney was declared the winner of the Iowa caucus by just eight votes, results have come out saying that the real winner was Rick Santorum by just 34 votes. Of course, Romney’s lead was always razor-thin, but he rode the waves of that victory on to the primaries in New Hampshire and then down south.


Until this new report came out, Romney was considered the first non-incumbent Republican in recent history to win the first two primaries. Now, this record is no longer valid, as the true winner has been declared. Santorum is enjoying this delayed victory, which the former Pennsylvania senator called the victory a “huge upset.”


After the report came out, Romney called Santorum to acknowledge the victory. However, he did not officially concede, according to a spokesman from the Santorum campaign. Romney staffers are not admitting that they conceded either, but rather that Romney called to congratulate his opponent.

In yet another twist in this story, true victor may never be known. Results from eight precincts went missing at some point in the process, and they will not be recovered. So, it is possible that Santorum was not the real victor, but he will be recorded as such as the primaries continue.


The Romney victory in New Hampshire was much more clear. He ended up with 40 percent of the primary votes, with Santorum garnering only 9 percent. Efforts for the Romney campaign are aimed at downplaying the Santorum victory in Iowa as the campaigns move on. Santorum’s team, on the other hand, is looking to keep their name in the headlines as long as possible from this news.