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Fellow Republicans, Let's Use Our Heads (and Google)

Before hitting "share," let's make sure the image or information is accurate.

I am a conservative Republican who enjoys social media. Since I work online, I tend to spend a lot of time with my Facebook page open. Not all of my Facebook “friends” share my political and moral ideology, and that is fine, because diversity makes the world go round. It was through one of these friends’ comments about the actions of many conservative Republicans that I started thinking about this blog post. This week, I want to talk about thinking before you post.


Look, we Republicans have an incumbent to unseat. I get that. And I am no fan of the Obama administration and some of the decisions our leader has made. With that said, we need to do what we can to shed light on his failures, point out the errors of his policies, and showcase the benefit of a change in administration.


This does not happen by pointlessly re-posting photoshopped images of our Commander in Chief in compromising, idiotic situations. One of my “favorite” images currently being passed around the world of social media is one of President and Mrs. Obama saluting the flag with the wrong hand. The image looks valid because the placement of the rings is accurate, but seriously people, this is simple to do in photo editing software. A simple search of Snopes clearly shows that.

We have a campaign to win, a “war” to wage if you will. We do not strengthen our position by passing around falsified information. In fact, we make ourselves look rather foolish, especially when a simple Google search can yield the truth behind such images. So let’s stop this nonsense and focus on promoting information that will give us a strong leg to stand on when the 2012 election really picks up steam.