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Glenn Beck to fat people-- 'I Say Let Them Die'

That Bonehead Mr. Beck Hates Fat People.

Whenever Glenn Beck opens his mouth there is always a chance that something stupid and outrageous will come out. The latest Glenn Beck stupidosity is that fat people should just die.

Beck's head works a little bit over-time, heats up to find new ways to attack President Obama -- and he found one: Attack the First Lady, Michelle Obama's program to encourage children to fight obesity, through better nutrition. Beck is trying to politicize a very non political program -- Ms. Obama's initiative to put healthier food in public schools. Glenn Beck accuses Ms. Obama of taking away Americans' rights. He said: "When I heard this I thought, get your damn hands off my fries, lady."

In Beck's weird world, Ms. Obama and big government are plotting to force Americans to get off the burgers and fries. From there, he theorized that people who get fat from over-eating should die, and it isn't the government's business to try to save them.

Yes. Glenn Beck said to fat people: 'I Say Let Them Die.' See the video.

I'm sure that he must know that his fat head buddy Rush is a fatty. Does he want old Rush to die? Well, maybe he wants Rush's audience?!