Romney Squeaks out Win in Michigan

Romney Squeaks out Win in Michigan

While Santorum may get more deligates, Romney is the winner.

In a very heated race, Romney squeaked out a win over Santorum in Michigan this week. There was much discussion over whether or not he could win here, and what a loss would mean to his overall campaign. With this win, small is it may have been, Romney may have sealed the nomination, especially after his win in Arizona as well.

Romney only beat Santorum 41 percent to 38, but it was still a win. Instead of going into the birth control debate, which has started to overrun the Repbulican party of late, he stuck to his economic message and the push to reduce unemployment.

If the results continue as estimates indicate, the win may actually be a mixed bag for Romney. While he won the popular vote, Santorum could win more delegates when the count is in. Still, this would not be a problem for the Romney camp, as he leads with 165 delegates to Santorum’s 85. The winner will need 1,144 total delegates, so the race is far from over. 

It was Romney’s opposition to Obama’s bailout of the auto industry that could have cost him the win in Michigan. Because it did not, many are pointing to Romney as the party’s answer to getting Obama out of the white house. While some still do not like his moderate stand on certain issues, it is possible that he could bring the party together in a united front against the current administration.

Still, he has to win the nomination, and he has a long way to go to do that. But Republicans may need to start getting used to Romeny’s face, as it could be the one to lead the election come November.